Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Places to find English Books in Zurich, Part 2

Part Two of Eight Places to find English Books in Zurich is up over on Check it out to learn about a few more places to buy and borrow those elusive English books in Zurich, including my favorite travel book shop. To read Part One, click here.

Photo by Brian Opyd.


mrsmac said...

Can I just drop off my used English books at one of the second hand shops? I have a ton I'm trying to unload and I didn't get any bites with my ad on the yahoo group. Thanks!

Chantal said...

You can drop them off at my apartment if you'd like. Seriously, I am a read-a-holic.

mrsmac said...

cool! an excuse to go the baths, i like it! this month is a bit crazy but i might have some for you in november maybe?

Chantal said...

sure, whenever, i'm always up for books :)

and yes, you should visit the baths. baden has the most mineral-rich water in switzerland!

Susan said...

Starbucks in Thalwil has a "Give and Take" shelf with English and German books (hardback or paperback).

Two things I love: Books & Coffee!

Chantal said...

Thanks, Susan. Great to know!

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