Friday, November 16, 2018

American life. The Frau tries to explain it.

Grüezi, people. It’s been awhile. So for that, here's a big American "sorry."

The Frau has been deep into her American life lately, and is still trying to make sense of it all, since not a lot of things make sense in America right now. The exciting news is that the manuscript for American Life: 30 Things I Wish I’d Known, which is the sequel to Swiss Life, is complete and is on its way to becoming a book. It details a lot of things The Frau wishes she had known about American life after Switzerland. In particular, she tries to answer these questions in the book:

Why does everyone in America act so outwardly happy even though we account for two-thirds of the global market for antidepressants?

Why does an announcer tell The Frau to visit Aisle 7 for laxatives every time she goes to the drug store to buy a greeting card?

Why are there no children at the playground, even in a city of 8.2 million?

Why, when The Frau looks for work-life balance, does she find frustration instead?

Why does American healthcare put profits first and people last—and why do so many Americans still vote for people who want to benefit corporations over people?

Why is The Frau treated better as a corporation than she was as a sole proprietor?

And most importantly:

Why, in today’s America, do 99 percent of us feel foreign and isolated in one way or another?

And finally:

Can the United States ever be home again?

What questions do you want answered about American life?


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