Friday, January 26, 2024

Let's yodel about our colonoscopies!

Grüezi, People.

The Frau is back. And boy are her ideas "radical"–at least, from an American perspective. Over the past nine years (how did that happen?!), she's been traversing the American suburban landscape from the strip mall to the school car line, uncovering the extraordinary in the American ordinary.

If you must know, one of the "radical" things The Frau has done recently is yodel about her colonoscopy(!) with the great folks at KFF Health News, in partnership with NPR, who shed life on the insanity that is the American healthcare system. Somebody has to. The Frau took one for the team.

In America's strange Wealthcare World, even things you're supposed to get free of charge (by law), like preventative care, somehow end up coming with a bill. And why not? When the system is for profit and not for you, that's what happens. Wow. Greed will find a loophole for anything–even your, well, we won't go there.

Needless to say, American Life hasn't been easy, Yodelers. This is semi-great, since Difficult is what you want when you're writing a book and resuscitating your almost-abandoned blog. 

Anyway, come back here for a digest that details what happens when you innocently go about life in the United States with a European mindset, written through the lens of a repatriate who can’t help but do so. 

Stayed tuned for more. And keep on yodeling.


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