Friday, December 05, 2008

Looking to Interview a Full-Time Blogger

As some of you know, I work as a freelance writer. Currently I have an assignment with Swiss News (The National English Journal of Switzerland) that includes profiling a blogger that makes a living by blogging. To qualify you must:

-Blog as your full-time job (have a strong financial return from activities related to blogging--can include book deals that arose from your blog, working as a blogging consultant, writing for several blogs, etc.)

-Blog in English

-Preferably be an Expat (Extra bonus if you have a tie to Switzerland)

If you fit this profile (or know someone that does) and would like some publicity for your blog, please leave a comment with some way for me to contact you.


The Antiques Diva™ said...

Alas, my financial return hasn't been great, but blogging did indeed lead to the creation of my business!

I started blogging about antique shopping in Europe (which lead to writing about antique shopping worldwide and accepting submissions from guest bloggers around the globe).

Shortly after I began The Antiques Diva Blog readers began requesting that I lead them on antique shopping tours. My first response was "Sorry, I don't lead tours" but then I realized that I was looking a "gift horse in the mouth", so I put together a tour package et voila, The Antiques Diva European Tours was born!

A few months later I found a few lovely tour guides (experts in the field) to work alongside me and we haven't looked back! We do speaking engagements all over Europe and we lead tours in Paris, Antwerp, The Hague, Amsterdam and in the Dutch Countryside. When I recently found out I was moving to Germany this January, you can imagine what my first thought was -- "The Diva Enterprise is expanding!" I'm packing my career in my suitcase, and starting yet another tour in Berlin!" while my Belgian, Dutch and French guides take the reins in their home countries!

You can read an article about my business on where I was recently interviewed.

The Antiques Diva

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