Monday, April 19, 2010

Sechselaeuten: A Men's Holiday

Today is Zurich's spring festival, Sechselaeuten. Trust me, you want to see this. A snowman is going to be burned to oblivion and then how quickly his head blows up will forecast our summer weather. It's a twisted version of Groundhog's Day, but it becomes even more twisted when you consider the women involved. Yes.

Because the women aren't allowed to be involved.

I wrote a feature this month for Swiss News on women's rights concerning the Sechselaeuten festival. For over 21 years now, a group of women have been asking for equal rights to participate in the Sechselaeuten Parade and have not been able to obtain it. 21 years. That's how slow things are to change in Switzerland. To read more about the battle between tradition and modernity in both public and private Swiss life, click here to read, Sechs-ism, Beyond the Böögg.


Jessica said...

Oooh you go girl! This always wondered me as well. Great article! Missing Switzerland now... wish I'd been there to see the Boog! ;)

Kristin said...

Yes, but would the women have to wear those funky medieval leggings/bloomers? If so, I think they may be better off missing the festivities =)

Sean said...

Leave the men alone will ya....? Heck, what next? Next women will be demanding to wear pants and date women?


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