Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Party Until the Cows Come Home

Hi Yodelers,

Want to experience one of the classic Swiss events of the fall? Yes you do. September is Cow Party Month in Switzerland. So why not join the livestock parade? September is prime Cow Wearing Flowers And Man Wearing Yellow Knickers month. In German, these festivals, where the cows literally come home, are called Alpabzüge.

To make things easier to figure out, I've put together a list of most of these events over at ACC. Most cow parades are on Saturdays, starting from September 11th. The one you see pictured above is a photo I took of the parade in Urnaesch last year. This is the classic Appenzell event and will take place this year on September 18th. Happy yodeling.

What's your favorite cow parade in Switzerland?


Kelly Jarosz said...

Alpabzug! I was preparing myself to spend hours on myswitzerland.com trying to find these events. Now I don't have to. Thanks for posting!

Kristin said...

Wow. I can't believe there even is such a thing as a cow parade--let alone many cow parades!

Chantal said...

Pick your poison! I recommend the one in Urnaesch on the 18th. It is very traditional with the yellow knickers and such. Although in this parade, the cows don't typically wear flowers, only big bells. It just depends what you want.

Julia said...

Mmm never to one, maybe I'll go the one in Appenzeller next week. Did you go by car or public transport?

Chantal said...

Public transport is usually the easiest way.

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