Monday, February 07, 2011

Dear Frau: What is it about Switzerland?

Dear Frau

I would be interested in hearing the little quirky things that make Switzerland home to people. I would love to hear the things that people who adopted CH would miss if they went away.

Maybe you will ask your readers my question?

Take care and hope to hear from you,

Mrs. Crocodile

Dear Mrs. Crocodile,

There are many things The Frau would miss if she left CH. Maybe that’s why so far, she hasn’t.

For one, the cleanliness. The Frau can barely leave Switzerland these days without being completely disturbed by how dirty the rest of the world really is.

Public transportation that is so punctual that you miss it.

The clock tower reminding The Frau every 15 minutes, 24/7, just exactly how much time she wastes on Facebook.

Knowing that when you make an appointment for 7 p.m. this means exactly that.

The locked trash bins.

The excitement that occurs when the sun comes out.

The amount of chocolate you can eat without gaining a pound.

Being able to walk everywhere.

Not having to own a car.

The great outdoors. The pool. The ice rink. The biking paths. The hiking paths. The Slow Up events. The Frau’s running path by the Limmat River. The fact that she can swim in the river. Or the lake. A spa that’s only a 10-minute walk away. A train station that’s only a 2-minute walk away. An airport that’s only a 20-minute ride away.

Conversations that take place in multiple languages with no loss of communication.

The “I’m a daredevil” feeling you can enjoy when doing laundry on Sunday.

Knowing exactly how many minutes until the baggage appears at the Zurich airport.

What would you miss if you left Switzerland? Or if you’ve already left, what do you miss?


Unknown said...

I've been gone from CH for almost three years, and I agree with lots of those things.

I also miss:

- Fondue
- easy airport access (so close to the city, checking in bags the night before, getting to airport 40 minutes before an international flight)
- grilling sausages by the lake

Anonymous said...

What I miss is that thrilling sense of transgression one gets for disobeying minor rules. Like the one you mention: washing clothes on Sunday.
I do miss the numbers of sane and dutiful people who keep things running so well there. Hattie's Hatis off to them!

Anonymous said...

Eye contact while toasting!

Kayaker said...

HI! Just wondering -I only speak English. Is it possible to work over there with only knowing English? I did take french in college so I can read it and communicate ineffectively. I work in IT in the USA. thanks!

M'dame Jo said...

What I would definitely miss (actually just moving away from the Lake Léman) is the view that is in the picture illustrating your post. This view is soooo gorgeous, I've been in love with it for over 10 years and I'm still blown away every time I see it.

Kay B.Elle said...

I would miss the view with the mountains on the Lake of Zurich on a Föhn day.

Jelica said...

I actually don't live in Switzerland, but I work there, and on a sunny day like today I can see Jet d'Eau and the Alps towering in the distance--I would definitely miss that!

Chantal said...

Yes, lots of great views to be had in CH, especially on a sunny day.

Kayaker, yes, in IT you can work in CH knowing only English. My husband does it every day.

Mrs Crocodile said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed reading your comments!

Amanda said...

I miss all the travel and sightseeing in and around Switzerland. I was in eastern Switzerland (in the countryside), and we had a car, so after a 3-hour drive we could be in Milan, 2.5 hours to Munich, a couple of hours to Innsbruck and 3 hours to Strasbourg!

Chantal said...

Yes, being in the center of Europe is something else that I love!

Talley said...

I just moved to Zurich and if I left I know I'd miss the delicious butter (floralp being my favorite). And of course the ease of travel and the scenery.

Unknown said...

I would miss the freedom of taking my dog with me to most public places, and that includes restaurants and shops.
I would miss the outdoors, running through the forest behind my building, and around the lakes there, sometimes without meeting another runner for miles at a time.
I would miss the respect for privacy, the quietness at night, being able to sleep with open windows in summer.
I would miss the fresh, on-site baked bread.

Chantal said...

That's a good point. If I had a dog, I would definitely miss the way they are just part of regular society here.

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