Monday, April 18, 2011

Where are the April showers?

I can't believe I would ever say this in Switzerland, but here it is: I am wishing for rain. Just for a day. Please?

In my highly scientific opinion (sneeze), the pollen this year in Switzerland is probably the worst it has ever been due to the extremely warm weather and lack of rain. Since spring decided to begin in February this year, I've been sick since oh, about then. And since we haven't had any rain for at least a month, the pollen is sticking to everything and blowing everywhere.

(Sneeze.) It would just be so great if I could breathe through my nose. Unfortunately, I have forgotten what that's like. I had to go back to the pharmacy today for yet another refill on my barely functioning allergy medicine.

But despite my allergies, I couldn't help but bike through these rape fields near Wettingen yesterday (see photo above). They're out a whole month earlier than usual.

And while I'm loving the warm, sunny weather, please, Zurich, rain. I know you can do it.

Anyone else having allergy issues this spring?


M'dame Jo said...

I've hand allergies issues every spring since 1985. But this year isn't too bad (sneeze). There was a series of very dried springs early 2000. I remember nights up suffocating, holding my ventolin tight.

Weirdly, rain doesn't really relieve me. I mean, it does for 10 minutes, but as soon as the plants realize there's more water coming, they get all crazy and release even more pollen.

Do you know this site? If you know to which pollens you're allergic, it can help planning a bit.

Anonymous said...

Yes! My allergies have nearly incapacitated me the past few weeks. I escaped it in Wales last week, but within two minutes of being in Zurich last night I was sneezing like a fool.

Lori said...

Actually, studies suggest rain exacerbates the pollen. Lord knows I've been suffering like mad and it's been like a monsoon season here.....

Feel better soon, Chantal. :)

Pat said...

We are sneezing and snuffling and gasping for air in Geneva area, too.

Chantal said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone in my suffering :-)

Cay said...

Yes - I've been dealing with allergies. Each morning I wake up to swollen eyes - have to use drops daily. Fortunately, I don't have an issue with sneezing.

Kathy said...

I am in sinus hell. Not just the usual purgatory. Hell.

Hattie said...

How awful for you and your commenters. I'm praying for rain to bring you relief.

Lindsey said...

YUP! I'm in the same boat...but pregnant, so I couldn't take anything. Then it got so bad that I couldn't even finish a sentence without stopping to catch my breath and my doctor put me on an inhaler and Zyrtec. My allergies are now under control, BUT I think it has more to do with my new OCD routine than the meds. Get this insanity - the bedroom is like a hermetically sealed box which is dusted, vacuumed, mopped and the bedding changed every three days. Entry to the bedroom is not allowed until one has showered and all dressing and undressing now must take place in the hallway. The worst part is missing out on being outside. But having a coffee with a friend yesterday and literally watching the pollen pile up on the table (as my cough got more and more persistent) I thought to myself, it really isn't worth it. The view from my (closed) windows will have to do for now... ;)

I hope for rain too! We need a week of solid rain to wash away this pollen...a few days only leads to more blooming as M'dame Jo said.

Wishing you relief and comfort, Chantal! See you in a couple weeks at ZWW! xo

Chantal said...

Sorry to hear about your discomfort, it sounds like you really went the extra mile. You are not alone in your pain to find medication...Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

AND I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow. FINALLY!


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