Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Swiss Second-hand Scene

Nothing demonstrates the cost of living in a country more than the price of its used goods. If you consider the second-hand scene, Switzerland is clearly not a buyer's market. But it is definitely a seller's market. In fact, this Frau can sell used items in Switzerland for more than she paid for them new in the U.S.

Over on this week, the Frau discusses living in a country where flea market sellers won't bargain, where the Salvation Army equivalent has change for a thousand-franc bill, and where sellers on the Swiss version of Ebay start the bidding for their used strollers at SFr 350.

Have you been amazed by the Swiss second-hand scene?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I've been utterly stunned at prices for second-hand goods on Ricardo & at flea markets. I'd much rather pay full price for something new, rather than 3/4 of the price for something used. For me, I sell/give away things to get them out of the apartment (cellar, attic, etc.), not to get nearly the full price back for my old stuff!

Keep up the great work. I love reading your posts!!


Carmela said...

I've sold a boatload of baby gear on Ricardo, I am always pleasantly surprised how much our gently used gear fetches!

Pat said...

This is so true. There is no such thing as bargain hunting because I'm convinced there is no such thing as "rummage" for sale in Switzerland.

Rob on the Sunshine Coast said...

Thanks Chantal. We are heading back to the sunny coast of Australia to live in July after two years here. I find the money focus disconcerting, the people without smiles sad, the lack of emotion and empathy for us foreigners pathetic. I don't think I'm generalising. We have done some amazing things here and made some good friends who were born here but unfortunately they are still considered 'foreigners'. I keep telling Swiss people that I'm not a foreigner, I'm an Australian. I'll keep in touch with your blog just so I can see the progress in this culture. Best wishes

Chantal said...

Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone! It makes the discussions a lot more fun.

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