Thursday, August 07, 2014

Swiss Life: Another thing to know

Another thing about Swiss life The Frau wishes she had known:

It is possible to line dance to Shania Twain in front of an audience without ever cracking a smile.

Yes. Switzerland never fails to amaze The Frau and her experience at the August 1 farm brunch was no exception.

First of all, let The Frau tell you that the brunch was wonderful. Endless Zopf and Rösti, goats and rabbits for Toddler M to run around after, and Incarom coffee. But the best part was:
Buy your shirt at Migros and you
are the epitome of style at the August 1 brunch

1.  The fact that The Frau knows what’s hot in toddler fashions since her daughter was dressed exactly like another Swiss girl. (Tip: buy your clothes for the brunch at Migros and you will be the epitome of Swiss brunch fashion.)


2. The entertainment.

Put on your dancing shoes…and your sour expression.

It’s hard to put the entertainment into words, but imagine this: 40 minutes of American country music + 8 Swiss people line dancing on a stage + these same 8 people wearing cowboy hats along with expressions that said, “I’m reading a technical book.”

Anyone else have amazing August 1 brunch experiences?


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