Thursday, May 07, 2015

Blick Cover Star

The Frau has come to determine that life is crazy.

You can come home from a Chicago zoo with your daughter only to be greeted online by friends in Zurich sending you pictures of the cover of Blick am Abend...that has your face on it.

How does this happen, yodelers?

You write one or two or three mostly positive pieces about Switzerland for a few American newspapers and then a Swiss tabloid tells you and the world that “You’ve saved Switzerland’s honor.”

Uh, have they read the book they're discussing too? 

And uh…did they ask permission to use the pictures they printed?

Doesn’t matter.

The Frau will just say this: it doesn't take much to be amazing in Switzerland.


Dominik said...

Well, it's a tabloid, did you expect they play by the rules and ask for permission first? :-)

Chantal said...

Not at all. It's just that The Frau has spent so long in the journalism world that she knows how sensitive things like photo rights can be...

Hattie said...

I'm laughing at this. Hasn't Switzerland recently been declared the happiest place on earth, even happier than Denmark? So what are they worried about?

Chantal said...

The Frau has not idea why they needed to be saved!

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