Sunday, January 31, 2016

Busy in America

Grüezi, people. It’s been awhile.

The Frau has been busy. Yes. And she can’t help it. Because that’s what you are in America. Busy. Busy. Busy. If you’re not busy in America then you’re not worthy.

The Frau’s mother, who is retired, is also always “busy.” Small Child M, The Frau’s preschooler, has recently declared that she is also “busy.”

Heaven help a culture where preschoolers and retirees are always busy, but that is America for you, yodelers.  If The Frau, prime in her working adult years, wasn’t also busy, how would that look? “Busy” is a requirement for American citizenship.

So if you must know, The Frau has been busy for a very good reason: she has incorporated. Yes. Another fact of American life: the American government loves corporations more than citizens, so to be treated fairly as a writer or other independent professional in America who is even semi-successful, you must become a corporation. At least, that’s what The Frau’s accountant seems to say.

So welcome to Cross Border Content Inc, The Frau’s company. It still doesn’t have a website and it really has nothing to do with this blog, but it sure justifies The Frau’s American busy-ness, oder?

Now. If you can tell, thanks to a certain country, The Frau is slowly forgetting how to relax. So if someone over in Europe could please remind her what they did this month, she’d like to live vicariously through them. Newspaper and coffee at a café, all day? Hiking on a pristine mountain path? Swimming in a pristine 50-meter pool? Leave a comment: Busy and incorporated minds want to know.


Dominik said...

I did a ski weekend in Zermatt few weeks ago. Strolling through the town center, window shopping and enjoying some really nice meals.
Relax on the mountain top with a beer and a Rösti. Yummy :-)

LaCanadienne said...

Bonjour Chantal

Greetings from Paris. Am enjoying your posts from the US. Quite frankly, it's reminding me why I'm in no rush to move back to Canada.

Last week we spent skiing in Avoriaz. As it's right on the border with CH, I was able to visit Switzerland for the first time 23 years, and most fittingly, while on skis.

Here's why I like Europe: we could afford a week of downhill skiing in the alps, even though I'm currently a student & my husband is *not* a fancy exec, because his worker's council (comité d'enterprise) arranges for highly-discounted weeks at a couple of ski resorts every year. This is one of the many benefits provided to employees by the comité d'entreprise in France. The discount is progressive, based on the employee's pay grade.

We don't own a car so we took the TGV (with our 2 cats) from Paris to Thonon Les Bains then had a scenic hour-long shuttle ride to the resort. The resort itself is car-free (which is unusual in France), so you either drag your suitcases on a sled, take a horse-drawn sleigh, or else carry big backpacks like we did to transport luggage to the condo. It made for a very relaxing week, not having any car traffic and not having to look at parking lots!

This was the view from our balcony:


Anonymous said...

Trekked up the hill with son's kindergarten class one evening last week for some stargazing. Cooked sausages, songs with guitar by the fire, ended the evening with a paper lantern sent up into the night sky. Oh America - is there any possible way to reverse course!?

Chantal said...

Oh my, yodelers, what nice relaxing European lives you have!

Jennifer @ This Off Script Life said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. Leaving the corporate world behind for the quiet life of a writer in Switzerland has changed my life. Not only do I enjoy 3x as much holiday, but, for the first time in my adult life, I can travel and enjoy breaks from work without guilt or anxiety. This just wasn't possible in the U.S. I'm coming to realize that the longer I live in Europe, the harder it will be to move back.

Hattie said...

Retired in Hawaii. My husband is "incorporated" and still works, but nonetheless we have a lot of time for recreation. I am a little too busy in this political season, though. In Switzerland I had no part in politics, but politics take up a lot of my time here.

Jenny said...

Hello! Long time reader so I finally decided to comment :) My husband is Swiss and we lived there when we first met. We're back in the US now and I can completely relate to how you're feeling with the busy-ness. We try to make a conscious effort to slow down but it's hard sometimes. This weekend we are planning a nice hike and picnic lunch by a local creek though. Hope you can find some time to slow down, even if it's for an afternoon.

Keith said...

Was searching for swiss flower tours, ran into you site, read some posts, read some more, read "An Alpine Antidote to Working Weekends
" realized I had read that article in the NYT. It's a small web. Thanks now I have another blog to follow

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