Monday, May 05, 2008

100th Post

Today I am posting my 100th post on blogger. Not bad I guess. I've enjoyed keeping a blog thus far, it keeps the pressure on me to keep writing, although with today's changing publishing rules I can't post a lot of the work that I'm trying to sell lest they find out it's already been "published".

We participated in our second Slow Up ( event since we've been in Switzerland. The first one we ran into last year purely by accident and enjoyed it so much that we've got this season's calendar printed out. The Slow Up event on May 4th was in Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which gave us a good excuse to finally go to the elusive Liechtenstein as there is never a really good reason to go there except to say you went and have a stamp or two to prove it.

Slow Up is a program that shuts off around 50k of roads in a different area of Switzerland every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer in order for bikers and rollerbladers to enjoy them. The funny thing about this concept is that Switzerland already has a network of bike and roller blading paths that span over 3300 km across the little country, mostly well away from traffic, so it’s not like the poor Swiss bikers have nowhere to go.

This path went from Buchs to Vaduz and eventually back to Buchs after passing through lots of small villages. It was strangely exciting to cross a covered wooden bridge and end up in another country, as I can’t say I’ve ever crossed a border on a bike before. We even brought our passports, as we didn’t want our one excuse to see Liechtenstein to be canceled due to border bureaucracy, but there was no kind of border check to be found making Liechtenstein seem more like Switzerland's 27th canton (or state) than anything else.

I found myself wanting to take photos of everything, the fields were filled with little yellow flowers everywhere and it was just a gorgeous day. Anyhow, I've posted a few photos above to give the idea.

The whole 52k took us about 5 hours, breaks and lunch included. It was a great way to spend a day, despite a very delayed Swiss train on the way home (30 minutes, can you imagine the horror!?).

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