Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Correction

A week or two ago, one of my Swiss friends discovered my blog. Therefore, I have updated a recent entry, due to his thoughtful comments on my horrendous use of the German language.

While I wrote “Nächste Halt, Genf” (Next stop, Geneva) as the title, the correct spelling is actually “Nächster Halt, Genf”.

Yes. I had the nerve (or in this case the ignorance) to leave off the “R” on "Nächster". This is really terrible, because without the final R, a German speaker is left very upset and confused.

Not about the meaning of the phrase, mind you. But by using only an “e” on the end of the word, I have unknowingly declared the word “stop” to be feminine when it is in fact masculine. This is really offensive (think about how guys feel when someone calls them a girl) and I apologize to any German readership. It must be unimaginable to a German speaker to be so ignorant as to go through life thinking “stop” is sexless and then at last minute, declare it feminine just for the heck of it.

After all, what could be more important than knowing things such as, oh wow, the word “paper” is neutral (maybe because it’s blank), but the word “girl” is also neutral (what?), but “mistake” is masculine (finally, one that makes sense).

In any case, I must be extra careful as I try to write snippets of foreign languages as my readership has expanded to include a few more people besides just my mother. But as I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to the German language, I offer a hearty Entschuldigung to all my German readers in advance. And in the future, please let me know my mistakes (especially the masculine ones, as those are the most satisfying). Thanks.

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