Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas in Switzerland

It's been snowing non-stop for about 32 hours now, so it feels very Christmasy around Baden. The town looks very festive with all its colorful lights (shown above, taken before the snow). On Sunday I even roasted a marshmallow after my husband was done roasting the traditional Swiss sausage in the Baden Christmas fire pit. I got a few looks from the twenty sausage roasters, like, oh my God, she's breaking the rules and bringing her own bag of marshmallows, but I didn't care. One boy stared and asked his mom what I had before finally realizing, "oh those are marshmallows". Someone needs to show these people there's more in life than sausages. Why not me? I'm not ashamed to be a lone marshmallow in a world of sausages. This picture proves it.


Susan May said...

I love it - and love the photo. Good for you!

Chantal said...

Thanks! I might actually roast a sausage tonight. But then it's marshmallow all the way!

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