Monday, December 08, 2008

A Country of Teachers and Policemen

I have never heard of a better summary of Switzerland than the one I heard at a party on Saturday night:

"Switzerland is a country of nothing but teachers and policemen."

The best part? It was said by a Swiss person, who admitted to this reality, when a party-goer from Sweden complained that he now knows his building's trash bin is under video surveillance after being called to the police station, showed a video of himself throwing out trash in the unproper bag, and fined 250 Swiss Francs for the "crime".

If the police have nothing better to do, then I want to know why they still have not recovered the stuff that was stolen from us in August. That kind of thing, however, they could care less about. For some reason it just doesn't have the appeal of solving The Case of the Mystery Trash Bag.


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