Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

pictured above, Zurich's Landesmuseum

In honor of Father's Day this year, I wanted to post an essay about my father that I was published last year in the Christian Science Monitor to celebrate the holiday. It is called "Dad's Museum Mania," and is all about how I used to have to take a quiz after every museum visit before I could have ice cream.

I can't quite figure out if the Swiss celebrate Father's Day. I know they celebrate Mother's Day, so I would assume they would also celebrate the other half, but I have seen no signs of Father's Day in the stores. Maybe it's another weekend or time of year?


M'dame Jo said...

The day is marked in the calendar, I don't know when, but I know it is. It's quite recent though and it's not a big thing as Mother's day is. Not that I celebrate either of them, but hey, I've heard some people get along with they family ;)

Javejavor said...

excellent article by the way.

Chantal said...


Tanya D said...

I heard father's day here is the same day as Auffahrt, aka Ascension day.

Unknown said...

its a great article

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