Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Years Today

So I went to pick up a couple of friends from the Zurich Airport this morning when I realized, exactly three years ago today, I was arriving at the airport to live in Switzerland.

It brought back a lot of memories, from lost luggage filled with everything in my life that I couldn't bear to lose (was found the following day), to trying to order a sandwich and not understanding what I was ordering, to the shock over the price of a taxi from the Zurich Airport to Baden (CHF 120)--especially one that couldn't even find where we were staying and left us and 10 bags of luggage on a bridge in Baden to fend for ourselves.

Anyhow, it's all been a wonderful adventure filled with stories good and bad. But I wouldn't trade the experience of living abroad for anything. From seeing most of Europe to understanding what it really means to be an American, it's all a part of the expat package.


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