Thursday, July 09, 2009

Germany: Easy to Love

A friend of mine recently had his first experience driving on Germany's Autobahn. He loved making his American-made rental car race the BMWs but it just made me wonder, why do people in Germany drive so fast?

Then I went to a Galeria Kaufhof and it all became clear. The Germans can't help it--not only do they have no speed limits but they're also high on sugar.

Between the availability of Cherry Coke and the Jelly Belly bars at the Galeria Kaufhof in Munich, where I can pick out all the cotton candy, popcorn, and coconut flavored jelly beans without having to deal with mint, I have to say, the availability of products at the top of the food pyramid in Germany is quite astounding. As an American who used to survive on junk food before she moved to Switzerland and was forced to buy fresh, I can't help but thank Germany for encouraging me to enjoy a sugar high on every visit over the border.


M'dame Jo said...

Actually, Cherry Coke had its time here... But I guess many products aren't available in Switzerland because it's a small country and the critical sales volume is rarely reached. Cherry Coke was around when I was a teenager, I don't remember how long, one, two years? And it probably didn't sell and disappeared from the shelves pretty quickly. So did the Pepsi Crystal thing. And probably others I can't recall.

Or we love our Rivella- and its cheese juice - too much :)

(if you ever come to visit Lausanne, add Glup's to your list. It's a French candy store, don't ask me why there's one in Lausanne, but you can get pretty sugar high there )

Chantal said...

Thanks for the tip!

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