Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Switzerland

Cheese. Chocolate. Fondue Pot. This being my fourth Christmas in Switzerland, it has been even harder to get creative with what to give friends and family back home. Sure I've talked about the ultimate Swiss souvenir before, but I needed something different this time, as some family members already have that particular bathroom accessory. Anyhow, you can read what I've come up with over on today (except for you, mom, no peaking!)

If you'll be giving gifts from Switzerland, what are you gifting? Or if you've received a unique gift from Switzerland, what was it? Inquiring shoppers want to know.


Girly Twitter Backgrounds said...
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Pete Martin said...

For a suggestion many have not heard of before, I recommend the GALLUS Light Candle Holder, steeped in a local legend of St. Gallus, the namesake of St. Gallen (in the east of Switzerland). You can also find a list of stores where the product is sold in and around St. Gallen.

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