Monday, June 21, 2010

Anything for Sun (and Sales)

When you live under a gigantic cloud (uh, I mean, in Switzerland), the summer can be stressful. Last week, the sun came out for maybe three hours. And when it did, I was desperate.

“Let’s go for a bike ride,” I told my husband on Friday night, when the sun decided to come out at 7 p.m. after an entire week of rain.

“Now?” he asked. We had just eaten dinner.

“Now,” I said, pointing at the blue sky, “Hurry.”

When you only see a few hours of sunshine a week, you have to get outside when it shines. Fast.

It’s kind of a stressful way to live, never knowing when your next bit of sun will shine.

The Swiss sun makes me drop everything I’m doing when it comes out. Speaking of dropping everything, Migros announced a 10% off sale last Thursday to celebrate the Swiss win. I hurried there. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was about to save hundreds rather than CHF 10.

Yep. That’s when you know you’re becoming Swiss: you’ll drop everything for a little sun. Or a 10% off sale.


M'dame Jo said...

It's like we've used up all the sun in April and are now paying for the 30 sunny days we had in a row. The last week's been painful. We still have July and August...

mrsmac said...

we went to a diner and had less than satisfying burgers just to get out of th hosue yesterday. and then we went to the chilbi in the sprinkling rain to, yep, get out of house.

i hate this weather.

Chantal said...

30 sunny days in a row? I must have missed that. I think I need to move to the French-speaking section. Better weather, less smoke, a language that is written and spoken. Sigh.

Mrs. Mac
I bet those less than satisfying burgers were also a priced as though they were the best burgers in the whole world. I feel your pain.

M'dame Jo said...

Yes, it hasn't rained once in April, at least in Lausanne, it's been sunny most of the time and I've spent the month in t-shirt.

But it's equally cold, these days...

Kathy said...

You have just described classic sun guilt, familiar to all of us from the soggy NW coast of North America. After last summer's sun and heat I wasn't expecting this. It's just like home :(

Chantal said...

Kathy, I guess I have yet to experience a soggy NW American summer. But I've lived here, so maybe I have :-)

Glad you're feeling right at home.

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