Monday, July 26, 2010

Uh + Oh

A lot of expat life is about making educated guesses. For example, when presented with an oven that has the following three options:



Or Uh-Oh.

I chose Uh-Oh.

The lasagna turned out ok.

You never know.


Kelly Jarosz said...

This is hilarious. What could this mean? I'm guessing "unterheizen" and "oberheizen."

Romy said...

Kelly... I think you're right. Unterhitze and Oberhitze. My Swiss side goes, "duh." My American side goes "hilarious." :)

Chantal said...

All I could think was Uh-oh and it blocked any and all German language I have picked up in the last four years! But yes, thank you for clarifying! :-)

mhovorka said...

Too funny! I think washing machines should come with the Uh Oh setting, as in "Uh Oh! You forgot to put something in? Too bad, you can't open the machine for two hours!"

M'dame Jo said...

It's cute...

Chantal said...

Love the washing machine idea...what is with 2 hour wash cycles?

Yvonne said...

That is too funny! You know, I miss Uh and especially Oh in my American oven, still cannot get used to it, besides the fact that i still cannot figure out Fahrenheit ;-) - its a challenge!! My Swiss cakes collaps instead of rise!!! Hope all is well with you, Chantal!

Chantal said...

Hi Yvonne,

I can understand the frustration. I still have to convert everything into my language of measurement! Hope all is good in the USA.

cantueso said...

If it were an American oven machine, maybe it would say:

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