Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pool Party

You can tell a lot about another country by going to the pool.

In the United States, just mention the word “lightning” and every local pool will be evacuated by the lifeguards.

In Switzerland, hear thunder, see lightning, and people keep swimming. Like they did yesterday evening during the big storm.

This sums up the difference between the United States and Switzerland in a nutshell: One country is run by the lawyers. And one country is run by the people.

Which kind of government do you prefer?


M'dame Jo said...

It feels so good to be in the water when it's raining. And even better during a storm. It's a crime for a government to deprive its people of this simple pleasure ;-)

On this one, 1-0 for Switzerland :)

Chantal said...


It's unfortunate that Americans are no longer left to make decisions for themselves. But when no one takes responsibility for their own actions and sues others for their own stupidity, society comes to this.

Yes. 1-0, Switzerland.

mrsmac said...

One country is run by lawyers. And one country is run by the people.

LOVE that! so true. :) Definitely a plus for Switzerland.

PS- I'm rounding up books to sell/give away/whatever. Still interested in some? Might be some time before I get a list together for you though.

Chantal said...

Mrs. Mac,

Yes! Would love to hear what books you have! Let me know.

Kathy said...

In defense of Americans leaving the pool in a storm: I grew up in Florida, where people actually do get struck by lightning quite often. So I would not hang around outside, especially in water, in a lightning storm.

M'dame Jo said...

Kathy > as long as you don't get out of the pool to hide under a tree, that makes sense ;-)

M'dame Jo said...

The stats I could find contradict each other, but intuitively, I do think that it'd be safer to be in the water that standing wet next to a pool when it comes to lighting... Or similarly, being in the lake rather than on a sailing boat...

Water conducts electricity, yes, but what attracts lighting is anything that forms some kind of tip (tree, pole, human in the middle of a field), especially if it's conducting (metallic or wet).

A pool? I'm not so sure.

M'dame Jo said...

Of course, I meant lightning, not lighting.


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