Monday, August 23, 2010

The Swiss Version of NASCAR

Yesterday I attended the Aelplerfest in Frauenfeld, a three-day event featuring a Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) tournament, a Hornussen (a strange cross between golf and baseball) competition, and a Steinstossen (rock throwing) contest.

Besides these ah, let's call them "unique" events, the one thing that struck me was that this festival was the Swiss equivalent of NASCAR (Granted, I have not yet attended the International Trucker and Country Festival in Interlaken).

Obviously there was no race track here, but there were huge parking lots filled with a combination of tents, campers, and cars, half-naked men sleeping beside them, and guys drinking beer in the river. People wore their tickets NASCAR style-- as badges of pride--around their necks on lanyards, and they somehow found sitting in the 93-degree sun to watch a bunch of Swiss guys roll around in the sawdust worthwhile. And while I did not find any corn dogs or turkey legs, there was a nice offering of American food, including DoNuts.

I always love a good DoNut.


Kathy said...

I was so bummed out that we were away for this event. I mean London is fun, but it's not Schwingen.

Chantal said...

London? Schwingen? London? Schwingen?

Lindsey said...

Schwingen seems so weird. So so weird!

Chantal said...

Couldn't agree more...

And then there's Hornussen: Get a few fishing poles, a ball, and a bunch of shovels and call it a game.

Gina Federico said...

I cracked up loudly at the last line of this post, "I love a good DoNut". I think that will become a new catch-all saying around here.

Gina Federico said...

Ooops – I forgot the "always". THAT'S what makes it.

I enjoy you blog very much, and wish I could be there in beautiful Switz.

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