Monday, October 11, 2010

Extreme Angst in Baden

Attention Yodelers,

We have another item worthy of news. Someone in Baden has thrown a pizza box into a trash bin that specifically says: Please do not throw pizza boxes in here.

The nerve. Can you believe someone didn't follow the rules? That a Swiss rule could actually attract the opposite of it? That's the subject in this article, from the 7. October Rundschau. Its title: Extremes.


Diana said...

So true! The more something is "VERBOTEN" the more one feels like doing it. When I was a teenager and told I wasn't allowed to smoke, I did so with added fervor. Seeing that garbage can makes me feel like putting a pizza box in it!

mrsmac said...

must have been an american. i know i would have been tempted to do it and i KNOW brian would have done that. :)

Chantal said...

Definitely either a teenager or a foreigner...

Kimberly said...

Just seeing that photo makes me disproportionately happy;) Wish I could have seen the rebel who did it!

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