Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What do the Swiss think of Americans?

Bell, a meat brand in Switzerland, has a new ad campaign advertising American style BBQ. Based on my last post, I thought their headline was actually quite appropriate: Think Big. Grill Big.

I don't think I could sum up American life much better. Could you?


Anonymous said...

I saw the poster for this yesterday! I wonder what most Swiss people think of this attack on the "klein aber fein" attitude.

Adrian said...

Think big and only six ribs? What is that, dinner for one und "knapp es Kilo"? If my fellow Eidgenossen think that's big in America I will have second thoughts on ever going back to visit.

I slow cooked 4.5 lbs of ribs just this weekend. Only $14,21 and 18 inches of meat that probably won't fit in a regular Swiss "Backofen".

That's big and it was to-die-for! Heaven!

Kristi said...

You beat me to it...although I may still post on this as well. While us Americans eat our share of meat, we also seem to be in the minority who practices that strange religion of vegetarianism. Not saying there aren't any Swiss veggies, but it is definitely not as common here.

mrsmac said...

i'm guessing it costs big too!

Allison L said...

All I know is that Heinz has "American Steak Sauce" on the shelves by the ketchup aka Heinz 57. I'm a very happy camper.

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