Thursday, December 13, 2012

You know you've been in Switzerland too long when

You know you’ve been in Switzerland too long when…

You use a lot of genaus—even when speaking English.

Swiss card game
Are you a player?
You’ve stood behind someone buying a bottle of soda with a CHF 1000 bill more than once.

You know how to play Jass.

You define yourself either as a Migros or a Coop shopper.

You debate construction schedules with your neighbor.

You can’t visit "home" without thinking how dirty everything looks.

You go to lunch exactly at noon.

You think CHF 20 for lunch is a “good deal.”

Your baby stroller is the most expensive mode of transportation you own.

You don’t even think twice about taking your Christmas tree home on the bus.

You've almost been killed crossing the street in many other countries.

You think everywhere else you go is really cheap.

Your American husband plays his alphorn in the living room.

You realize no matter how long you live here, you’ll always be “the foreigner...”


You're still scared to go "home" again.

How do you know you've been in Switzerland too long?


Kelly Jarosz said...

When I bought a movie ticket in the States and asked, "Where's my seat number?"

Chantal said...

Ha, ha, that's a good one!

And then you proceed to sit in your seat number next to the ten other people in the theater...even if the rest of the place is empty!

E-Nature said...

Great post! Please keep it up :-)

Kristina said...

Haha!! SO true! Lived in Bern for 4 years and I must have been in CH too long as most of the things were true to me :D
Greetings from Australia, Kristina

Chantal said...

Note: At least 64% of these are probably only relevant to those in the Swiss German regions!

siams said...

you put the garbage what people throw on the sidewalk...

TheTuscan (@anylatitude) said...

I've been living in Switzerland for only 18 months.
When I go to Germany I find it untidy. I mean... GERMANY.
Yes... I've been assimilated into Switzerland, definitely.

Anonymous said...

only lived in zurich for 8 months (happened this year), and then when i move to another country i just realized how true this is. Such a wonderful place.

Chantal said...

Ha, ha...even Germany looks dirty. That's a good one!

Anonymous said...
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swisssidejewelleryetc said...

When you throw your glass bottles in the recycling bins ONLY at the allowed times....and find that perfectly reasonable...

Tee hee - loved this post - all so true.


Chantal said...

I know, every time I think of recycling it is on a of course I don't go.

Marianne said...

It's been over twenty years since I lived in Switzerland and I still consider myself a Migros shopper...

Juanita said...

I'm a Migros shopper and I am afraid to shop in COOP for fear of someone smelling me out...

Allison L said...

I was always a coop shopper. It was the only shop available when we lived in the mountains so it stuck when we moved to Zurich.

Tammy said...

Love it!
- Coop shopper, who moonlights in Migros as its closer to the Kindergarden
- its now an exciting annual expedition getting the Xmas tree on the bus
- My shopping trolley is pretty expensive!
- I used to apologise about the 100CHF note, now I just ignore it
- isn't shopping in Germany so much better?!?
- and yes, I confuse all my relatives in England with random German words (even though I barely speak the language)...

Chantal said...

Ha ha, isn't it funny how we define ourselves by where we buy our groceries...I guess it was kind of like that in the U.S. too.

Fons Tuinstra said...

When you are wearing red shoes

Anonymous said...

Hi Chantal,could you please "translate" the phrase used by Juanita -smelling me out- referring to Coop?
English is not my mother tongue,but I love it as well.

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