Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Frau's Swiss Smilestone

The Frau would like to celebrate a little Swiss smilestone. As of today, she has collected more Swiss smiles in the last month than in her last six years. Having a toddler in a pink gingham coat semi-attached to her index finger has its advantages, fellow yodelers.

Baby M toddled around the Baden train station instead of the park this morning (thanks, rain), terrorizing both the Coop display of children’s beach toys, a St. Bernard attached by its leash to the wall, and the instant photo booth.

A Swiss train station is a toddler’s dream rainy day playground.

And while The Frau didn’t fit in with her big fat American accent, Baby M certainly did, screaming a proper “nein!” whenever The Frau pulled her away from something inappropriate, which was oh, maybe every 30 seconds.

As much as The Frau’s back hurts from walking around with Baby M twice today, it’s kind of fun tooling around Baden collecting all of these Swiss smiles, even if she does go in odd directions like through banks with sliding doors, into drug stores to fondle the foot creams, and through Migros Take-aways on her way to well, absolutely nowhere.

The whole journey to nowhere is kind of exciting. Where will The Frau go next in Baden? Up steps that lead to a mysterious locked door? Into a bush where a cat is hiding? Around and around the kebab shop as if it’s a merry-go-round? Only time (and Baby M)
will tell. But no matter where The Frau and Baby M go, at least they'll get a smile.

If you've had a baby in Switzerland, do you get more smiles now?


Jenni said...

Cheers for smiles!

Hattie said...

The Swiss do love little kids. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Since my baby strangers even chit chat with me on the supermarket, trams, etc!

Shona said...

My family went to Zurich last November for 5 weeks to "try it out" before deciding on a more permanent move. My 19 M.O. daughter and 3 Y.O. son (luckily well behaved during that particular trip :), meant we not only collected smiles daily but managed to meet more English speakers than I'd expected. More than a handful were Jehovah's Witnesses, but still, they were very friendly :)

Unknown said...

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