Thursday, April 18, 2013

Having a Baby in Switzerland: Are you ready?

Are you ready to have a baby in Switzerland? Find out on today’s episode of The Price is Fright. 

1 Package Pampers Newborn (Size One, 25 Count): CHF 11,20 ($12.02)

Photo by Brian Opyd
1 Package M-Budget Baby Wipes: CHF 1,60 ($1.72)

1 Jar Seelachs Hipp Baby Food: CHF 2,80 ($3.00)

1 Day at Swiss Daycare: CHF 126 ($135)

1 Pair of must-have Migros rubber pants (Every proper Swiss baby wears them!): CHF 14,90 ($16)

1 Used Bugaboo Stroller from the Expat in Zurich Yahoo List: CHF 650 ($698)

1 Nursing Pillow from Baby Rose: CHF 159 ($170.66)

1 Nursing Bra from Baby Rose: CHF 59,95 ($64.35)

1 Full Night’s Sleep: Unavailable, please try again later.

1 GRAND TOTAL: CHF 1449.45 ($1,555.70)


Hattie said...

Wow. Just wow. I hope salaries are in line with those absurd prices.

Anonymous said...

Eco are good ordered online from windel prinz or head to Germany!


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