Thursday, May 09, 2013

Why America Should Do Nothing About Syria

Sometimes The Frau gets fed up with the Swiss press. For instance, Monday night there was an article in Blick am Abend with the headline, "What is Obama doing?" (Was macht Obama?). A photo of a frustrated Obama accompanied the article along with an American warplane. The article discussed the Syrian war and what Obama was doing wrong.

Now The Frau realizes getting upset over a Blick article is like getting upset over a piece in Star Magazine or something, but still.

The Frau is tired of everyone else’s problems being America’s problems. No wonder America can’t solve its own problems. They are too busy getting blamed for the rest of the world’s.

To this particular article, “What is Obama doing?”, The Frau wanted to scream—what about you, Switzerland? You’re rich. What the heck are you doing about Syria? Why are you waiting for Obama to act if you think he’s doing a bad job?

The Frau loves Switzerland. It’s so perfect. It gives women paid maternity leave. It offers workers amazing unemployment benefits such as 70% of your salary for 18 months. It’s safe. It’s clean (except for all the cigarette butts). The Frau can take advantage of all of these things while living here as an American. But her American friends in the U.S. don’t have all of these things.

Why? Because America is too busy taking care of the world to take care of themselves.

So the time has come, America, to face the fact that your own problems have become too big to add the rest of the world's to your agenda.

It’s time to solve violence, unemployment, and poverty at home. And the only way to do that is to leave the rest of the world alone. Even if it means letting down wealthy countries like Switzerland, who want you to act so they don’t have to.



Susan said...

You make a lot of sense, dear Frau. I say a hearty A to the Men.

Rachel said...

Love this post. :)

Been reading your blog for a little bit now and wanted to just say how clever and right on the money your posts are.

Interesting how America gets blamed for getting "involved" and yet, what are the consequences if no one acts?

privatecprfor said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, Obama announced consequences if chemical weapons were used in Syria. Now as they have been used it is only logical to ask if Obama will act according to his announcement.

Unknown said...

Syria is going through a civil war and the U.S doesn't need to put themselves in the middle of it. i think that the U.S does not need to spend more money in another war and if there are chemical weapons being used in Syria the international community needs to step up as a whole to prevent it. Also the U.S shouldn't be expected to be able to step into every conflict and spend Billions of dollars in trying to solve something that we didn't start. More info at this web site.


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