Thursday, May 02, 2013

Drop Everything and Sun

Ah, the great outdoors. Ahem, the gray outdoors. Because we are in Switzerland people, where the sun likes to play hide but not so much seek.

This is Zurich (in case you don't recognize it under sunny skies.)
That’s why it makes no sense that The Frau should be sunburned. We’ve had like what, fellow yodelers, three sunny days this year?

But then again, maybe that’s why The Frau’s skin can’t handle the sun anymore. It’s adjusted to a world without one, so even three minutes of sun is a shock to her sensitive epidermal system.

After The Frau saw her red face in the mirror last weekend, it necessitated a documentation of her time in the sun so far this year to figure out just how she could have gotten so red under such gray.

Here are her very scientific discoveries:

Swiss Sun Day 1. Sometime in February.

The sun comes out for a half hour at 3 p.m. Bye office, hello frozen fingers. Sunscreen? Whoops. It’s hard to remember sunscreen when you’ve almost forgotten the sun existed.

Swiss Sun Day 2. Sometime in mid-April.

The sun comes out for three minutes at 5 p.m. Hurry! Out on the balcony. Sunscreen? There’s no time for sunscreen when the sun is only out for three minutes!

Swiss Sun Day 3. April 25.

The sun comes out at 7 a.m. Blink. Oh yeah, skies can be blue. Is this a dream? It’s not? Schedule? What schedule? Drop everything and sun! 


Hattie said...

I'm hoping you have a good summer this year. We had some that were so beautiful I will never forget them. It COULD happen!

Suissinhos said...

Oh that's so true. I desperately need the sun. Today they said it would just sleet!!!! Sleet??? In the city?? We're on May 24!! I moved here from Portugal on March 25 and I find this so depressing!

Unknown said...

Hahaha that was so funny!! I liked wen y'all wer doin the yoga part and Forrest is dancin and the dog wants to play! To see more info please visit !-3

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