Friday, August 09, 2013

Why the Swiss are skinny

The Frau once got an email from someone in England wondering if she could explain why the Swiss were so skinny.

The Frau gets a lot of strange emails.

Still, The Frau thought about it. Pondered it. Too many mountains? Too many cigarettes? But she never came to a real conclusion.

Until she made her first box of non-imported brownies and realized something:

One box does not fit all, fellow yodelers.

An American box of brownies would fill a normal-sized baking pan.

A Swiss box of brownies (see photo) won’t come close. That's why they include their own paper pan inside the package.

So now The Frau can explain why the Swiss are so skinny. Or rather, she’ll let her Swiss brownie package, which is supposed to serve 16, speak for itself.

En guete, mitenand.


Anonymous said...

small portion, crazy expensive (also crazy good quality) meat, cheap vegetables...a lot of walking everyday and tons of outdoor activities.

Hard to not to be healthy in this country (unless you are a smoker, in which case it's super easy.)

Chantal said...

Great point. The price of chips and other junk food is also crazy expensive.

For example, a package of chips is about $6-7 and a brownie mix like this one about $6.

But you can get two pounds of carrots for less than $2!

Hattie said...

Seattle is filled with fit skinny people who don't smoke!

Martin said...

Unfortunately, the Swiss are not the skinniest anymore, "thanks" to an imported and by our youth heavily adapted "fast and convenient food culture" and a change in way of life from a life with more time and consideration to a more hectic and superfluous life in general.

And officially, anyhow, the most skinniest in Europe are … the French. Yes, the ones with lengthy three course lunches at a table (!) and a good glas of wine, a lot of fat cheese, but a decent understanding of the way of life.

But fresh, local, seasonal and organic food, especially avoiding preservatives in them, e.g. daily bought produces at the groceries by foot, general prohibition of genetically modified food (which will shockingly soon come to an end "thanks" to the soon free trade agreement between EU and USA … and indisputably implied by USA), taking the bike or running to the tram/bus on your every day to your office, generally take your time for dining instead of fast food and sandwiches, using cars only for exceptional cases, swimming in the fresh water of our lakes and rivers, less large, but supplied with more thoroughly considered ingredients and healthy dishes in restaurants and cooked and served by people who can have a minimal, but decent live from this job (and therefore the food is more expensive, of course) and therefore take more care and fun about their job …. definitely helps to improve the over-all setting, don't you think so ;-))

Martin said...

... and in general, a change in mind to more quality- and less money/power-oriented life is definitely more healthy and more peaceful, especially for the other 95.5% of the world ... in its double sense of meaning ... you can die from bad nuriture and from bullets :o(

Martin said...

... and by the way, Dr.Oetker is a product from Germany, a country not exclusively known as the one with a great food culture and the ones with the most skinniest people among Europe ... rather the opposite ;-)

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