Thursday, December 12, 2013

Your Very Own Swiss Holiday Preishit

Attention Yodeler Glühwein Connoisseurs and Fellow Cheapskates,

Maybe you’ve noticed how much the Swiss hate cheapness. If not, consider that their term for a sale—Preishit—has the word “shit” in it.

This mulled wine deal has your name on it...
at least if you're The Frau.
So The Frau was pleased when a Glühwein money-saving theory was brought to her attention by a Swiss German-speaking American lawyer who buys anything he can with REKA checks.

Because REKA Lawyer can’t buy mulled wine with REKA (and he really really likes wine), he has developed a way to save at least as much money on Glühwein as he does using REKA to buy his train tickets.

Drum roll.

His theory is:

The first Glühwein stand at any Swiss Christmas market will charge you the most for a cup of the sweet stuff. If you want to save 10% a glass or more, keep walking (it’s a Swiss pastime anyway), and move further into the market.

The Frau loves saving money, especially in Switzerland, so she has tested REKA Lawyer’s theory at two markets in the last week and both have proven it correct. Last night at the Baden Weihnachtsmarkt, The Frau scored a glass of Glühwein for CHF 3 from a stand in the middle of the market. Take that, CHF 5-Glühwein stand at the front of the market!

Viel Spass with your next Glühwein Preishit, mitenand and Happy Holidays from One Big Yodel.


Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

This is a good tip! Though I have to say that these stories about the REKA lawyer are hugely entertaining to me, good tips or not ;-)

Anonymous said...

I always do the same! Last Sunday in Brugg there were plenty of stands in the center of the market selling gluhwein for just 3 CH...or if you want to save even more money go to Waldshut in Germany, have a cup of gluhwein for just 2 euro and buy the spices and the wine for gluhwein.
ps. anyway cheap gluhwein (and when I say "cheap" I mean for 3 CH) are available only in small cities or villages' Christmas Market. I have never found one in Zurich.

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