Thursday, December 05, 2013

3 Ways You Know You're in Switzerland

You know you're in Switzerland when...

You're landing at the country's largest airport and this is what you see...

Road delays are due more to cows than construction...

And you are always reminded that you better be punctual. Even on a bike ride.

How do you know you're in Switzerland?


Hattie said...

Oh, that takes me back!

Darla said...

When people complain because the train is delayed for 5 minutes :)

Anonymous said...

I subscribe what Carla says and I would add: when I see people drinking energy drinks (ok or red bull) at 7 AM...

Chantal said...

The great Swiss teen breakfast tells all: energy drink, organic yogurt, and a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

When your neighbor is out in his driveway with dustpan and broom cleaning up those three stray leaves.

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