Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 books to love about Switzerland

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Frau would like to share ten books to love about Switzerland and expatriate life.

By Margaret Oertig-Davidson
Contrary to popular belief, there is more to life in Switzerland besides chocolate (even on Valentine’s Day), and this book helps outsiders understand how Switzerland and its people tick.

There are books to love about CH and then there's
this raspberry truffle from Vollenweider too...
By Robin Pascoe
Are you a trailing spouse or about to become one? Here’s a book on how you and your marriage can survive your first­–or tenth–international move.

By Diccon Bewes
Want to go beyond the Swiss stereotypes and deep into Switzerland to find out what, exactly Swissness means? Then this book is for you.

By Christina Henry de Tessan
No matter where we live as expatriates, this anthology demonstrates that some things about expat life are universal.

By Paul Bilton
The blurb says it all: This book is definitely “A Frank and Funny Look at what makes the Swiss Swiss.”

By John McPhee
The army in Switzerland can seem mysterious, but not if you read this journalistic study of the its role in Swiss society.

By Margaret Malewski
How can you survive (and thrive) when working in another country? This book has many answers.

By Brooks Peterson
If you work in Switzerland, you will be working with people from other cultures. This book is a great introduction to any diverse workplace.

By Susan Tuttle
A collection of essays about life in Switzerland as an outsider looking in.

By The American Women’s Club of Zurich
This book bills itself as “The Most Comprehensive Guidebook To Life In Zurich As An Expat” and The Frau can’t argue with that. Like everything in Switzerland, it’s quite expensive, but if you’re new to Zurich, it’s worth every franc.


Ozsváth Szilvia said...

This is a great selection of books! Hope you don't mind me adding a couple more.

CultureShock!Switzerland - A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Max Oettli)

Going Local - Your guide to Swiss schooling (Margaret Oertig)

Die Schweiz in Listen (Hannes Bertschi) - this one is in German as the title already indicates :)

Hattie said...

What wonderful resources for ex-pats. I had to struggle things out on my own.

Empty Rucksack said...

I think I must grab one of these sooner than later. Among countries I have traveled to, I understand Switzerland the least.

Chantal said...

Great, hope they are helpful. The Frau certainly loved reading them all.

Kelli Shoe said...

A great pocket guide before diving into the specifics is
Switzerland - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture.

I also send it to visitors before they head over. Quick, fun, accurate read.

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Kate said...

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