Friday, February 28, 2014

Why not take a shower in a parking garage?

The Frau has been in Switzerland long enough now to realize something:

You can take a shower in places that you otherwise wouldn’t consider taking a shower.

For instance, in a parking garage.

The Frau asks you: Is there any other country in the world where you would see a shower in a parking garage and think, “Yes, I might actually consider using that?"

Well, that’s the case in Einsiedeln, where the parking garage comes complete with toilets, showers, and a locker room. And none of them are questionable.

Sometimes, The Frau loves Switzerland.

It’s a place where she can shower without regret not only in parking garages, but also in train stations, her office, and at the lake.

Switzerland is known for cleanliness and it is not without reason. So go ahead, yodelers, The Frau encourages you to discover all the extra special places where you can become as clean as the country you’re living in.


Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Oh, gross. That is probably for people who, you know - *park* there.

Hattie said...

Just don't pee in the phone booths!

Chantal said...

The Frau should have mentioned that the shower in the parking garage is near the cross-country ski trails.

Anonymous said...

My university in the US South had showers in the parking garages for cycling commuters. I know an Australian university also has showers in its parking garages for the same reason.


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