Monday, August 25, 2014

Where to eat in Basel and Zurich

The Frau had a work meeting in Basel earlier this month so she was introduced to the Markthalle. Yodelers...this is everything The Frau has been looking for in Zurich for the last eight years and not yet found. Plates of Indian food for CHF 8. Half liters of soda for CHF 2. Then there was Thai food, Turkish food, Ethiopian food, and more. The Markthalle put Cervelat and overpriced hash browns (i.e. Roesti) in their proper place: far, far away.

The Frau asks you: is there any other place in Switzerland where you can get ethic food for less than your rent? Not to mention, the Markthalle is atmospheric (it was built in 1929 and renovated from 2009 to 2011), it's all the variety of food you could want under one roof, and it's only two minutes from the Basel train station. Oh, and did The Frau mention it's affordable? There are also small shops, a fresh produce market, and free toilets. 

And for those looking for where to eat in Zurich, well, you're in luck: The Frau just wrote an Insider Guide for CNN Travel on Zurich. It includes her new favorite place for a burger: Holy Cow. (That's what you'll be saying anyway when you see the prices–a gourmet burger for CHF 10! It really exists, yodelers.)


Dominik said...

In Bern there WAS (yes, past term) also a Markthalle with a very similar concept. It was just a stone throw away from the main train station. The place was packed with little restaurants ranging from Indian-, Japanese-, Lebanese- Italian and other kind of food. And yes, it was for a good price!
Now Media Markt moved in there. A shame...
Do you know Han? It's a Mongolian Barbecue restaurant which is pretty good. As far as I recall the prices aren't too terrible there.
And by the way, the Coop restaurants (in bigger stores such as Ryfflihof in Bern) have a huge selection of all kinds of foods freshly made in front of you. Try it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been going to Holy Cow for a while now and it is amazing (my fave is now the Elvis Blue Cheese: simply gorgeous!). I have also bought a lot of discounted Holy Cow's Dein Deal vouchers (20CH/25CH for a menu including drink for two people, can u believe that?!?) so I feel really guilty! Anyway Holy Cow is a great address also in Lausanne and Geneva (which is super expensive!).
Thank you for the tip on Basel (next time I am there I won't miss it!) and I will read with great pleasure your tips on Zurich. Have a nice day, Chantal!

Frank said...

Hi Chantal, I really think you put too much focus on price, Switzerland is expensive, get over it. It still has one of the highest buying powers due to the salary levels. I find the Markthalle in Basel very depressing, a marvelous building with unfortunately cheap eateries and a depressing atmosphere. We went in the other day and straight back out on the other end. But I guess it is ok if price is the only criteria.

Allison said...

Great post! Just moved to Zurich and am still recovering from sticker shock when it comes to dining out and food prices in general. Looking forward to trying Holy Cow and some of the other restaurants on your list.

Anonymous said...

Markthalle is decent as far as "ethnic" food in Switzerland, nonetheless to be appreciated in a country with little of the sort.

Holy Cow is too inconsistent, just dumps whatever refrigerated condiment (eg peanut sauce) on the cooked burger, and the sauce is a cold spot on the burger. The fries are absolute rubbish.

Inglewood, with two locations in Geneva (Plainpalais and Eaux-Vives) and one coming in Lausanne (November opening) is really...really...really good.

Claire said...

If you're looking for tasty Asian food, I recently ate at Hong Kong Food Paradise in Oerlikon and it was pretty good. Prices are usual Zuri (eg: CHF20 for main) but big serves and less tacky looking than the website would suggest! ;)

Unknown said...

I went Zürich couple months ago before my coast bus. It is awesome city of Switzerland/. It has many restaurants to enjoy for different kind of foods. Here I want to share some best places names where you can enjoy taste foods.
Didi's Frieden, Pumpstation, Maison Blunt, Kaisers Reblaube and Hiltl. These spot are best for eat yummy foods. When you go there must check these places.

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