Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cherries, Gladiolas, Sunflowers and a Castle

On Saturday we finally had a nice summer day in Switzerland. On Sunday it rained again, so in the last 2 weekends we are 1/4. Needless to say, we always take advantage of a nice day when we can since they don't come too often.

The best thing about July in Switzerland are the fields of sunflowers. I love biking through them. My husband suggested a new ride that he had scoped out, but since it involved climbing 2 very large hills I was not so excited, but because the ride went to a castle I finally was convinced.

The ride from Baden to Regensberg didn't let me down. Not only was I always climbing up and up, but we found plenty of fields of sunflowers to keep me happy as well as a couple of cherry trees that we picked a few cherries from. The castle emerged from a distance and was worth the final hill up. The town of Regensberg is beautiful, small, and has great views of the surrounding area including Zurich's airport. We ate our lunch on a bench overlooking the area and then paid a franc to climb the tower of the castle.

On the way home, we stopped at a farm where we could pick our own gladiolas from the field. For 6 francs we got 5 red and white gladiolas and I tied them to the back of my bike and rode home through the hills looking my most European ever.

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