Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

As I was about to dump the vegetables intended for my salad onto my mac and cheese as to not waste them (see Salad Surprise below), the phone rang.

It was my husband and he was teaching some Polish guy in Warsaw how to play darts. I heard bar noise, I heard my husband explaining the rules. I heard the Polish guy asking questions. But I didn't hear my husband answer my three "hellos".

Then I heard different numbers on the phone being pressed, obviously by mistake. This is one of those classic situations where the spouse left behind while her husband is on a business trip finds out something she shouldn't and ends the marriage.

However, last night my husband called me for real and told me he'd be at a bar tonight playing darts. And what do you know. He's good to his word. Not that I ever doubted him anyway.

And by the way, next time I'll skip the raw onions on the mac and cheese. They're making my stomach burn.

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