Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a (Swiss) Day

Today I had one of those days. Well, one of those days you could only have in Switzerland. Just a bunch of little things adding up to utter irritation. I sweated in the 85 degree office. I endured the "oh, yeah, we have to do this in English," comments of million-language fluent peoples. I went to lunch at 12.45 so there were no sandwiches left at the bakery. I had to work until 7 so I couldn't go shopping for our party on Friday night and will now have to shop on Friday in Germany as the Swiss stores will be closed. I had to write in English so it could be translated into German and then into French. Who knows what it said by the end of this translation train. Then a bunch of people were not standing to the proper side of the escalator in the Zurich train station so I patiently stood behind them only to have a Swiss woman come barreling past me, scraping my leg with her bag and almost knocking everyone over. Great. But at least my train ride home was actually cool for a change. And that is really something.


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