Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Major Movie Motivation

My husband and I made up our minds to go see a movie on Saturday. This is a major step since we actually were thinking like a true Swiss— in advance. We haven’t seen a movie at a theater in Switzerland since August 2006. It’s just too much trouble.

The problem is, you can’t just decide to go see a movie and go see it. Because it will most likely be sold out, with people having bought their ticket weeks in advance. Since we live near a few movie theaters, we’ve taken our chances a couple of times anyway, not wanting to change our American movie-going habits, and been turned away each time.

So last night, determined to actually get movie tickets, we visited Cineman, picked out our movie, only to find out it won’t be playing any more in our town on Saturday. So then we tried to buy tickets for the same movie at a theater in Zurich, but then the site took us to another site, wanted us to register, and changed languages twice on us in the process.

So needless to say, we still don’t have tickets and will most likely resort to our usual home cinema unless one of us gets crazily ambitious in the next day or so and braves the whole movie-ticket buying process. Again.

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Leigh said...

Do they have any kind of Netflix equivalent. We love Netflix. If we move here, we will miss it for sure. We've rented a few movies on iTunes while we've been here though.


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