Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Blog, The Raclette Rant, on

Don’t worry, One Big Yodel isn’t going anywhere. But for those of you who need more ways to waste time reading my pointless musings about Switzerland, you can check out a new blog of mine, The Raclette Rant over on National Geographic’s

This spring I am serving as one of eight National Geographic Glimpse Correspondents and will be posting to The Raclette Rant regularly as part of this program. For any of you that are U.S. citizens living abroad, between the ages of 18-30, and interested in writing or photography, you can also also apply to be a Correspondent. Applications for Fall 2009 are due June 1.

Being a Correspondent comes with a little pay, a lot of honor, and a great experience reporting on your country of residence--at least I think that's what I got myself into. You can read more about the program by visiting and clicking on the Correspondents Program.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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Young Traveler said...

Hi Chantel,

Sorry about the earlier comment mishaps.

I've really enjoyed reading your posts. I am also a blogger in Switzerland (I live in Zurich) and I am interested in becoming a professional writer. After reading your blog on National Geographic, I figured you would be a good first contact to the industry.

Please send me a note whenever you get a spare moment. My email address is

Kind regards,


Traveler For Good said...

Congrats on your new NG gig!

Swiss Miss said...


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