Thursday, February 26, 2009

One in Two Swiss are Afraid of Foreigners

One in two Swiss don't like foreigners. Well. Tell me something I didn't know. But that was the front page story in "20 Minuten" yesterday morning, like it was the biggest news on earth.

At Ieast now I can confirm that I wasn't merely imagining certain people giving me looks of contempt whenever I open my mouth. That thought is somewhat comforting. In an uncomforting kind of way.

When we first arrived in Switzerland, I always spoke to my American husband in a whisper, afraid that if I spoke English loudly I would give myself away as a hated one. I can't even imagine what others go through who don't at least look somewhat European.

I soon learned that two years of high German classes did me no better, as even when speaking German I am branded a foreigner.

Nope. As a foreigner in Switzerland it seems you just can't win no matter how much effort you make to try to fit in.

In case you're wondering any other flattering Swiss statistics, the article also reported the following:

30% of Swiss fear Islam
20% admit Antisemitism
40% are sexist


cadiz12 said...

sadly, i wonder how much different the statistics for Americans are. but that would require people actually admit their feelings.

Chantal said...

Yes, you are right. Americans are probably not much different. But they would never admit it. That wouldn't be PC.

mrsmac said...

well at least it is out there in the open now, hahaha. reminds me of a social psych class in college where i learned that when people consume alcohol, they tend to agressive. i'm pretty sure all of the students in the class already knew this...

Chantal said...

Yeah, it's amazing what they consider "news".

JuanitaTortilla said...

"As a foreigner in Switzerland it seems you just can't win no matter how much effort you make to try to fit in. "

This is why I don't bother; going out of the house say, only once, or twice a week, sparing myself the discomfort.

Chantal said...

I've tried that technique a few times when I've been able to. It's kind of nice.

JuanitaTortilla said...

BTW, I'm curious, so I tagged you for this game:

magpiedays said...

On the other hand, almost 50% of recent Swiss marriages are to non-Swiss. So I guess they either hate us or really really love us.

Chantal said...

That or there's just not enough selection. :)

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