Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Switzerland an easy country for expats?

What do you think?

Leave a comment, or join the discussion on my guest post over at Peterthals in Zurich.


Unknown said...

Spent only 2 months in N.CH (St.Gallin), yeah that was all it took me to realize that I did not want to live the swiss life.
I am from the western US, and there is room!! The cost, and little choice, the invasion of personel space, the rude behavior, and anal atitudes, all added up to a postal moment(Ha not really, but yes the thought did cross my mind a few times), after time spent dealing with russians, I thought the swiss would be cake, same atitude, only more self rightious.

Chantal said...

Hi George, sounds like you had a negative experience. It takes awhile to get used to things here, but yes, I do get sick of some of the rudeness. But then again, at least people aren't out to sue me. I guess there's goods and bads everywhere.

Unknown said...

Chantal, hi, yeah that was pretty negitive, the upside was I did meet some very nice folk and the country was beautiful,clean, and on time. spent some time in the south, and the folk seemed much warmer, more friendly.
Ha, I learned the Zurich "ya ya", which has come in handy a few times back here in the states.
Hey and as you know, there are rude folk here also.

Chantal said...

I use "ja ja" all the time. That's funny.

And yes. There are rude people everywhere.

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