Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Leave Switzerland Without...

Hi Yodelers,

Yesterday I was over on ACC sharing my take on the 10 Things You Should See Before You Leave Switzerland. They were inspired by reading the book, 1,000 Things to See Before You Die. But often (especially in the Switzerland section) this book tends to focus on exclusive hotels and restaurants and I don't necessarily think those always define the best things about a place.

Anyhow, from the narcissus fields above Montreux (see picture above) to riding in a Slow Up event to yes, even one grand hotel, I'm curious what you think about the list. What should no expat living in Switzerland miss?


mrsmac said...

a beautiful day at a badi. we've done our fair share of traveling but it is still my favorite thing to do here!

Chantal said...

Yes, I love one of those too!

mrschlosser said...

The WHOLE Basler Fasnacht event, starting with Chienbase in Liestal, continuing with Morgenstraich, Cortege......

Sprüngli: A cup of hot chocolate upstairs at Paradeplatz is a always a true experience. (And the Luxemburgerli are always great to take home with you too!)

Chantal said...

Mrschlosser, great stuff. The Chienbase in Liestal is really something to see (especially for an American who is used to cups of coffee that warn that the drink might be hot). And yes, hot chocolate at Sprüngli...mmm. Can't get into the whole Luxemburgerli thing, but I know it's THE thing to do! Thanks for sharing!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Looking looking at the Zurich lake from the Quaibrücke, with the Arboretum on the right, the Utoquai on the left, the sparkling water with ducks and boats floating on it right in front of you and the Alps way back on the horizon.

When I came back after 3 years in New York I didn't really want to be here, but standing in that spot and seeing the familiar, gorgeous view nearly brought me to tears. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Chantal said...

Ooh...I won't. But I'm going to go stand in that spot!

Kathy said...

Wow. I'm really looking forward to seeing those mustard fields! Agreed on Sechseleuten and Hiltl and Zermatt. I would add moonrise over the Jungfraujoch, wine tasting in Sierre and lake boat rides on Lake Geneva. I think a top 10 might be too short :)

Chantal said...

Hi Kathy,

I agree. Only 10 was tough. There's a ton of cool stuff in Ticino too--like the little fishing village of Gandria that I also wanted to include. Maybe another 10 would be appropriate!

Dominik said...

Don't forget to do a light hike to the Oeschinensee in Kandersteg. You won't regret going there once you see the ice-blue and clear water of the sea between the surrounding tall mountains and green fields with cows to pet.

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