Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Great Reads for Expats

Today, I'm over at ACC with a few of my favorite expat reads. I tend to like memoirs with the universal theme of reinvention abroad since that's been the theme of my life the last few years.

What are your favorite books on expat life?


Anonymous said...

I'll have to check this one out! I actually just read my first expat book - A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke - and just adored it. Others I've heard raved about are Planet Germany by Cathy Dobson and Expat Arc by Danielle Barkhouse. Jo Parfitt and Robin Pascoe are also a great expat authors.

Kathy said...

All time favorites: Italian Neighbors and Italian Education, A Year in Provence and all other Mayle books on Provence, My Life in France, Paris to the Moon.

Also: I'll Never Be French, Almost French, A Year in the Merde, Hot Sun, Cool Shadow (Canadians in Languedoc), Just Imagine (about an American couple starting a B&B barge boat biz on the canals of Burgundy)

From Here You Can't See Paris (not really memoir though)

Pretty sure there's a theme here. Not sure how I ended here in the CH.

Sarah said...

Love Almost French. It's just delightful. :)

Jenni said...

The Caliph's House by Tahir Shah (about living in Morocco)
How Coffee Saved My Life by Ellie Roscher (about living in Uruguay)

Chantal, I can't wait to someday read yours :)

Chantal said...

Robin Pascoe is a great expat author. I did an interview with her over on my writing blog for anyone that's interested:


Kathy, just picked up Italian Neighbors. Looking forward to reading it!

Sarah, glad you agree!

Thanks, Traveler for Good! Am working on the edit of the memoir now!

And thanks to all for the suggestions! Will add those I haven't read to my Wish List!

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