Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What the Swiss think of America

Wow, it's all of America in one big logo, courtesy of the American Bar & Restaurant in St. Gallen. (Note: Believe it or not, the American Bar & Restaurant is actually a Swiss chain--they are also in hotspots like Brütten and Mutschellen.)

Of course, the Frau has been to the American Bar & Restaurant–on her birthday, of course. But you wouldn't expect any less of her, oder? For her first impressions of the restaurant, click here.

Now let's see. What do we have in this fantastic logo?

Football (an Illini player, they have good taste).
Big buildings.
Big birds.
Big rockets.
Big boats.
Big bridges.
Big parks.
And a bunch of presidents that are larger than life.

I'd say they did a good job summing up America. The only thing that could possibly be improved would be the addition of a big lawyer right in the center of it all (did you know a 4-year old can now be sued for negligence?).


Greg Christensen said...

Sadly incomplete. They forgot the riding mowers with cup holders. And guns. I don't see ANY guns!

Chantal said...

Right. Someone should tell them before this gets out.

M'dame Jo said...

Chantal, have you read Bill Bryson?

I'm assuming you have, but in case you haven't, I'm quite sure you'll enjoy this:

In one of his columns, he explains why cup-holders are so important in the US and why it's actually a selling argument for cars. It's brilliant.

Chantal said...

Of course, I love Bill Bryson. His book, I"m a Stranger Here Myself, is fantastic.

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