Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Shop online like it's 1989!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about five Swiss websites that could use a makeover. But this Swiss online experience perhaps tops it all:

My husband went to a photo workshop in Baden over the weekend and received a coupon for 15% off his online order at ProFot.

So naturally he wanted to shop since he needs very little incentive to buy photo gear.

He filled his virtual shopping cart and went to check out and realized something strange: there was no redemption code on the coupon.

Upon further investigation (i.e. contacting the company), he learned that to redeem the coupon, he had to either scan it and email it to them or get this...snail mail it to the headquarters in Baar.

Yes. Thanks to you, ProFot, people in Switzerland really can shop online like it's 1989.

Have you had any strange shopping experiences in Switzerland?


eponymousmoniker said...

I have also had little success trying to use so-called online coupons on Swiss sites. I once tried for approximately 20 minutes to use an email coupon to get a discount on a book before I finally gave up and decided to check it out of the library instead. And on a tangentially related topic, I am always amazed and annoyed by the Swiss reluctance to use email as a communication form (although in your case they did in fact want to use it). As an ex-pat not fully fluent in either the local language or the local dialect, I prefer to use email (in German) to make appointments or inquiries, but it almost always happens that I receive a phone call in response to my email, thus encountering the embarrassing situation I had hoped to avoid. The one thing I do enjoy about Swiss internet shopping however is the ability to pay for something *after* it has been delivered. Still amazes me every time.

Chantal said...

Agree on the email thing. Although I've found in the last year or so, the Swiss have really discovered that email can be as useful as the phone.

I used to be able to order stamps from the Swiss Post and pay for them after the fact. But now they no longer do this. A sign of the times I guess.

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