Thursday, April 03, 2014

Free Swiss chocolate from Max Chocolatier, anyone?

The Frau doesn’t make it a habit to do so-called sponsored posts. But every once and awhile, somebody comes along with an offer so sweet she can’t turn it down. Especially since it is Easter time and she has no willpower. Every store she goes into has been taunting her with chocolate bunnies and eggs since February. So please forgive her, but she accepted some free chocolate in exchange for writing about it–but only because one of you will also get some free chocolate too.

Now don’t worry. While you’re considering whether or not you might enjoy a little free handmade Swiss chocolate, The Frau has done her best to make sure you will not be disappointed in this prize.

That’s why Max Chocolatier, in Lucerne, sent The Frau a box of Schoggiplättli so she could test their chocolate before offering some to you.

Schoggiplättli are thin chocolate squares. But The Frau prefers to give them another name: heaven. Inside her beautifully designed box from Max Chocolatier were four different kinds of handmade chocolate—all with unique flavors you just don’t find at the Migros.

Passion fruit. Hazelnut. Rose petal. Coconut. The Frau has difficultly deciding on her favorite after eating them all, let alone thinking straight. She’s kind of on Cloud Nine, yodelers, which makes sense, considering each square tasted like a little piece of heaven.

Your prize
The Frau will stop taunting you now and showing you the chocolate bunny instead. One yodeler—that’s you!—can win a beautiful Max Chocolatier wild chocolate bunny, just in time for Easter. What’s more–you can even choose if you prefer a dark Madagascar 68% chocolate or a milk chocolate Rio Huimbi 42%? There’s no small print in this big chocolate give-away, except to say you must have a Swiss mailing address to win.

To enter for your free Swiss chocolate bunny, please leave a comment by April 7 in the comments for this post. Include whether you prefer dark or milk chocolate. Make sure The Frau can find you via your link or another winner will be chosen. The winner will be chosen at random and The Frau is guessing your odds will be good. Viel Glück!


Jenni said...

Sad that chocolate bunnies can't be shipped to Maui. All bunnies look good in a lei!

Jenni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I would love some free chocolate from my favourite chocolate store here in Luzern.

Becca said...

Yum! I don't live in Switzerland but my daughter does! Will that count?! And, I'm going to visit her in May. Maybe she will save the milk chocolate bunny for me - or maybe not!

Kelly said...

That's the proudest-looking chocolate bunny I've ever seen. Dark chocolate all the way.

Arielle said...

I had a debate with a friend living in Belgium about which country make the best chocolate. We came to the conclusion that belgian dark chocolate is the best, but nothing could beat the swiss milk chocolate. That being said, I'd choose the dark chocolate.

Anneliese said...

Dark is way better than milk!

Anonymous said...

I would love some milk chocolate :)

Anonymous said...

I would love the dark chocolate one!
contact @

Kelli Shoe said...

dark chocolate bunny? Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I'm a big fan of dark chocolate. Yum yum yum. Please enter me in the draw!

Irene said...

Wow, it would be great to have this chocolate bunny for Easter! Milk chocolate would be the preferred option by my family.

Tanya D said...

So fun! I'd choose dark chocolate. Love your posts, as always.

Melissa said...

Love your blog. And I'd love to be entered in the drawing!, swissmissandfamily.blogspot

Dilly said...

Phew, just in time! Please enter me for the draw for the milk chocolate bunny :)

dibulous at gmail point com

Chantal said...

We have a winner! Number six was the lucky number so that is Arielle. Congrats and thanks to everyone for entering!

More contests soon with equally high odds of winning :-)

Arielle said...

Thank you, Chantal! I'm looking forward to bite into that rabbit head!

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