Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Know You're in Switzerland When…

an ass is beautiful.

everything is just a bit more expensive.

plain m&m's are a new phenomenon.

How do you know you're in Switzerland?


Irene said...

When I hear everyone saying 'griezi' and speaking a German dialect I'm totally unable to understand.

When I spot a Migros or Coop supermarket in almost every street - I think Basel must be the city with re supermarkets in the world!

And yes, when everything is more expensive. *sigh*

Chantal said...

Thanks for sharing yours!

Kelli Shoe said...

When a glass of prosecco is cheaper than a Diet Coke...and when Diet Coke is called Coke Light.

Chantal said...

Yes, or a water is more expensive than a beer!

Hattie said...

Seriously, this is a real problem. We had a Swiss visitor the other day, and he said he was born 30 years too late and has the tastes and interests of people of my age. (Or the interests we had once upon a time). In his 40s now, he wanted to be a singer/songwriter rebel and artistic type and dropout. He is adrift now and can't get his feet on the ground.
Life is full of ironies, for sure. Brought up with all that stability to rebel against, he finds that rebellion is 30 years out of style!

Hamish Healys said...

I’ll know I’m in Switzerland when I don’t have to worry about getting rip-off or mugged.

Chantal said...

It's still possible to get things stolen from you though. The Frau learned that one the hard way.

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